Raw Hemp Extract Capsules 30 x 10mg – 300mg CBD+CBDa


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Raw Hemp Extract Capsules 30 x 10mg – 300mg CBD CBDa

Our vegan-friendly raw hemp extract capsules are a very convenient way to ingest your daily CBD. Capsules are ideal for consumers who don’t like the taste of hemp.

Some users prefer this method of consumption due to being a fixed-dose. While oral consumption has a lower bioavailability than other methods, it has been shown to be active in the body for a longer period of time.

Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Hemp Extract, HPMC Capsule.

Suggested Serving: 1 Capsule, 1-3 times a day

Servings: 30

Please note: Full spectrum products may give a false positive on drug tests due to small traces of THC. Users who are regularly drug tested may want to consider a broad spectrum or isolate based product.


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